Thermocol Beans

EPACK is one of the leading EPS Thermocol beans and beads manufacturers in India.

Thermocol beans or thermocol beads is another name for Polystyrene, it's a synthetic aromatic (benzene derivative) polymer made from the monomer styrene (a monomer is a molecule that may bind chemically to other molecules to form a polymer. Hence the name Polystyrene). It can be either solid, or foam-like (Styrofoam), and because of its resilience is often used in protective packaging - CD and DVD cases, and Styrofoam peanuts.

Thermocol beads are made of optimum quality, these Thermocol beans are highly durable and efficient to use. These beads are light in weight and environmentally-friendly in nature. They are widely used in schools, weddings, functions, rallies, temples, and homes for decoration purposes. They can be colored with paints to make them more beautiful. Their smooth finish, sturdy fabrication, resistance property, and compact size make them highly demanded in the market. They are easy to install on any surface. Moreover, the Thermocol beads/beans are available in different sizes as required by the clients at competitive prices.